Well, what can I say about myself? I'm Patrick Hunt, hobbyist music composer and sound designer, cinematic artist and the great procrastinator from Russia. My name is a pseudonym I took back in 2009 for artistic purposes.

Back in time when machinimas were still a thing and sky was still #7EC0EE, I started making my own videos with zero knowledge in cinematics. My projects were silly and I never took them seriously, but at some point I realised that creating cinematic entertainment is something I really like. It was a skill I wanted to improve. And now, here I am, full of theory and ideas.

I've always wanted to have more original music content. So I started experimenting with music by editing and mixing down different loops and samples I found on the internet. It was fun, but it wasn't enough to create truly cinematic soundtracks. Many steps further and now it's all about using synths and various VST's to create basic motives and rhythms.

If you want to know on which projects I've worked besides my own ones, then check out the "Work" page which contains all of my works.
Pink Helo

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