"Documents" is an action series, based around one person who seeks revenge against his old contacts, who set him up or betrayed, and now he's causing disturbance in their plans and hunts them down.

It all started back in 2013 when i was making a video for 3000 subscribers on YouTube until I ran into writer's block and threw that video away. Then in 2015, when I created a new channel, I picked my old project up and rebuilt it from scratch. I never planned to make a series out of Payback video, but at some point I decided it will be fun to tell some wicked story about my character killing his old contacts who somehow managed to cross the line.

These series' antagonists, just like my character, are based off real personalities. I just adapted and exaggerated them for an action movie. No offense or harm intended. It was and will always be a pure fiction.

There's a big story behind the characters, but i never had a chance to tell it. Maybe someday I'll create a video, which will explain you the concept of the "Documents".

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