After waking up in a dirty cell, Ivan and Natasha find themselves in a secret lab, with a forced addiction to a new drug, which is being produced in the lab. And now it's time to break free.
Watch this short spoiler-free animation, based on the second level of the "Mother Russia Bleeds" game developed by Le Cartel Studio. Character likeness and location layout were used with written permission from Le Cartel Studio.

This short action sequence was done in two weeks including model development, mapping, texture work, animating, sound design and music composing. It took me 4 hours to render the whole thing with various rendering samples and 5 minutes to render the final piece in post production. Only two of four main characters were used because it was my initial gameplay experience and due to Fuse's limited clothing models and my n00b modeling skills not allowing me to create custom clothing.


Additional help and tattoos done by Kungfubellydancer
Cell dweller voiced by yours truly


Created using the Source Filmmaker. © Valve 2016

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